15 Best Food Markets in London That You Should Definitely Visit

In this list, we introduce you to our 15 favourite street food markets in London. Below you will find nearly two different types of food markets. On the one hand, the markets that are set up and dismantled for a few days, and on the other hand, the markets with fixed stalls are always there. The idea of ​​the food markets is still the same, stroll from stand to stand, buy something to eat on the palm of your hand, and start gnawing. Here come what we consider to be the best food markets in London!

best street food markets in london you must try

1. Brick Lane Food Hall

Brick Lane is like a real paradise, especially on Sunday when the flea market is open. Brick Lane is attracted not only by the street market but also several vintage markets. Of course, there are two large pavilions where food is sold. One thing is sure, No matter what your appetite for, you will find it in the Brick Lane Food Halls. There is a wide selection of street food, from the most delicate Italian noodles to delicious Ethiopian dishes. Fans of Asian cuisine will also love it.

It’s best to take the whole day off for this market. Because it is simply impossible not to dawdle while walking through hundreds of stalls full of clothes, antiques, groceries, and souvenirs from local artists. There are also mostly street concerts, art exhibitions, and more programs here, which also invite you to visit and explore this beautiful street.

Address: Brick Lane east of London.


2. Berwick Street Market

This is one of London’s best-located street food markets if you want to explore central London and have a quick bite to eat. Berwick Street Market is in the heart of Soho. If you like to dine cheaply in the business district without sacrificing quality, the market is definitely the best option.

I discovered the market by chance and liked it straight away. In all honesty, I mainly go there to get a BAO at the Taiwanese street food stand.

Address: Berwick Street, Soho.


3. Borough Market

Borough Market is the most famous oldest market in London. Just a few meters from London Bridge and the imposing The Shard, this market is always worth visiting.

The Borough Market combines craft stalls, fresh produce stalls, and what interests us most in this article, a very interesting street food area. From typical English pies to the best vegetable burgers I’ve ever tasted, you can find everything here. The market is also an ideal place to buy typical specialties that you can take home with you to relive the UK. The cheese, sausage, and confectionery stands will transport you to the culinary land of plenty.

Tip: If you don’t like crowds, I recommend avoiding the Borough Market on weekends. It also gets crowded during the week between noon and 2 p.m., which is the time when people take their lunch break in the nearby offices.

Address: Borough High St, London Bridge, London Bridge.


4. Mercato Metropolitano

This market, founded in 2016, is much more than just catering. It brings together local farmers and producers, small businesses, and a multicultural community who are committed to the project to create a unique space where everyone feels welcome.

There is street food for almost every taste in the Mercato Metropolitano, including Italian, French, Argentine, Chilean, Mexican, Turkish, Greek, German, Indian, Lebanese, and Vietnamese specialties. In short, a paradise for those who want to escape the tourist part of the city for a moment and want to eat really well at a reasonable price.

Address: 42 Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle.


5. Brixton Market

Brixton Market is, you could say, split in two. On one side is the Brixton Village Market, which is more than a flea market. It is a shopping arcade with a shop, lovely cafes and exciting restaurants. On the other side, we find the part of the street market that stretches along Electric Avenue, Pope’s Road, and Brixton Station Avenue. Brixton is a neighborhood with a great Caribbean tradition, and that is evident in these markets. There are more than 80 stands with Afro-Caribbean-inspired products and street food that will leave you speechless.

Address: In Brixton, near the train station.


6. Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market, southeast of the Thames, is a great option for anyone looking to avoid the city’s crowded food markets on weekends. You can find the market in the alley Ropewalk. It consists of several traveling stands. In addition, there are a couple of permanent stands around the street that round off the offer.

If you need to taste something very special, you’ve come to the right place for Scotch Eggs. Nowhere else do they taste as good as here. Otherwise, the Maltby Street Market has almost everything that fits the stomach, from delicious steak with french fries to the best Indian food, which vegetarians can also look forward to.

Address: 37 Maltby St.


7. Flat Iron Square

We just stumbled into this market when we were walking from Borough Market towards the South Bank area suddenly it was there. Flat Iron Square is located in a kind of inner courtyard just a few minutes’ walks from the city market and is an ideal alternative if you are looking for a quieter option. You can see many restaurants and bars such as Cantina Carnitas, La Nonna, or Tatami Ramen. Are you looking for a great coffee? I recommend a visit to Gentlemen Baristas and a good drink in The Bar (a very original name).

Address: 64 Southwark Street.


8. Victoria Park Market

Victoria Market is one of our favourite food markets in London for the summer season. Because it is in a park, a visit to the market can be combined with a pleasant walk. They also provide you the unique opportunity to eat outdoors. Although Victoria Park is one of the most beautiful parks in London, few tourists dare to come here. The Sunday market is a great way to approach this part of the city.

At Victoria Park Market, there are dozens of street food stalls as well as handicraft stalls and those selling typical products. If you are interested in trying a delicious meal outdoors at a reasonable price and also want to take the opportunity to buy souvenirs, this food market in London will enchant you.

Address: In Victoria Park, Hackney.


9. Broadway Market

Broadway Market is the latest of our food market discoveries and should definitely not be missing from this list. This gem among the street food markets in London is always in Hackney on Saturdays. There you will find a street full of food stalls and fresh produce. With its small restaurants, bookstores, and cafes, Broadway Market is worth it every day, but it becomes a must for foodies on Saturdays.

If you are looking for a food market in London that is hip and on the rise, this is the one for you. Because Broadway Market is in a less touristy area of ​​the city, it is mainly Londoners who come here. Accordingly, it is never as crowded as, for example, the Borough Market on the weekend, and the atmosphere is more cozy than overwhelming.

Address:  Broadway Market, Hackney.


10. Dinerama

Food stalls and bars in one place! Dinerama’s Food Market in London is ideal for meeting friends or having a drink after work. The market is located in a type of prefabricated building in the alternative Shoreditch district. At the Dinerama you can go on a culinary trip. The dishes will take you to the kitchens of Asia to Latin America. The bars have such original names as German Sex Dungeon, Winerama, or Dick’s. Magic Tiki Bar – you don’t want to miss that, do you ?!

As the name suggests, the Dinerama is only open in the afternoons and evenings and specializes in dinner and the popular London after-works. Delicious food, interesting drinks, and a good atmosphere are guaranteed at this food market in London.

Address: 19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.


11. Camden Food Market

Another classic among the food markets is the Camden Lock Food Market. The West Yard area of ​​this London street food market is a food lover’s paradise. And if you want even more, the entire Stables Market area is great. A downside, however, is that the huge range also attracts a ton of people. But not all of it dramatically. You can enjoy excellent dishes with a view of the canal if you can wait a little bit. After an eventful day at Camden Market, you’ll regain your strength in no time!

Address: Camden Town.


12. King’s Cross

This market is one of the great discoveries that you only happen to make while driving through the city. On one of our last visits, we still had time to get to the train and preferred not to eat at the station. Instead, we went for a walk and oh, surprise !, we stumbled into this lovely London street food market and discovered such great foods as the New York pastrami sandwich, Mexican tacos, and dhal puri roti from Trinidad and Tobago.

It is especially nice that, if the weather cooperates, you can eat your street food dishes on the artificial turf stairs of Granary Square. So you not only got a good meal at a decent price but also a cozy place right on top of the canal.

Address: Storage space, between King’s Cross and St. Pancras Station


13. Greenwich Market

It is always a great thought to visit the Greenwich area for the antique market alone. There is little better for us than visiting Greenwich Park, the Meridian, and the Observatory for a day and eating at the Greenwich Market. In my opinion, Greenwich is a gourmet paradise – brownies, macaroons, cakes, churros, chocolate, cannolis, etc.

If we really want to find a fly in the ointment, it would be that the street food stalls change so that the offer can be very different. The best thing is to stop by and let yourself be surprised by the delicacies of the day. By the way, Greenwich Market is also one of our favorite Christmas markets.

Address: In the center of Greenwich.


14. Pop Brixton

Built from recycled shipping containers, this London street food market is a haven in central Brixton for food and drink lovers. This space was created as a temporary project to serve as a home for local restaurateurs and artists. The market, with its unbeatable atmosphere, has already become an integral part of Brixton.

The principle is clear: Pop Brixton is a 100% independent company. In addition to handicrafts and art shops, you will also find original restaurants and unique bars. Personally, I’m a big fan of Mommy’s Ruckgrill, Love Churros, and New Zealand cellar wine. For an after-dinner drink, the S11 Bar is always the right choice.

Address: 49 Brixton Station Road.


15. Old Spitalfields Market

Another of our big favorites when it comes to the street food market in London, partly because we are always very close between City and Shoreditch. Old Spitalfields Market is a classic in London, and although it has undergone a lot of renovations lately and has lost some of its unique historical market charms, we still love it. This market is divided into two areas: clothing and antiques and another with food stalls and walk tables. There are also many first-class restaurants and shops in the complex, so everyone can find something to their liking at Old Spitalfields Market.

If I had to pick out a culinary highlight that is not easy for me, I would undoubtedly choose the pizzas from southern Italy.

Address: 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields.

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Final Words

If you not only like to fill your stomach at the food markets in London but also like to stroll through the shopping markets, you will find our favourite markets in London in this article. I hope you will visit these markets and share your valuable culinary experiences in the comments below.

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