9 Inexpensive Fashion Brands That You Should Know

Everyone has already passed the door of many big fashion brand stores at least once in life, even to buy a pair of underpants. Suppose we can say that the luxury brands whose clothes parade during fashion weeks are major players in fashion when it comes to changing trends. In that case, low-cost brands are the keystone of a globalized economy whose stakes are far greater than just pieces of fabric.

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Loved and decried by faith, we wanted to bring together these brands that make everyday fashion are classified here in this summary article.


ASOS Men’s Collection

Contraction of ” As Seen On Screen, ” ASOS is an English site created in June 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths in London. The platform brings together an extensive range of parts from different brands at very affordable prices. Offering a wide variety of styles, from streetwear to formal, the site also designs its own clothing lines. Now, ASOS ships to more than 190 countries.

Official site: asos.com



Uniqlo, short for Unique Clothing, is a Japanese brand created in 1949. It is owned by a group called Fast Retailing, which today includes seven. From the 1980s, Uniqlo acquired great popularity in Asia. In the early 2000s, he decided to tackle the European and American markets, succeeding in carving out a place among the other big giants of the entry-level sector such as H&M and Zara. Uniqlo offers a surface concept that is very different from that of its competitors by favouring the design of quality basics. Uniqlo has become one of the entry-level brands providing one of the best quality/price ratios on the market.

Official site: uniqlo.com



GAP is an entry-level clothing brand created in 1969 in San Francisco by Donald Fischer. She initially specialized in denim. Experiencing a slump in the early 80s, she then made changes in her clothing lines, customer service, and communication. This evolution allowed it to become one of the most efficient denim specialists during the 90s. However, the brand has experienced a slowdown since the beginning of the 2000s. GAP offers good quality pieces, interesting for a tight budget.

Official site: gap.com


Arket Brand

Property of the giant H&M, Arket is a Swedish brand created in 2017. Positioning itself in the range above H&M, Arket produces good quality clothing lines designed in natural materials. The prices charged by the subsidiary are a little higher than those of the Swedish giant, but the parts remain very affordable. Much of the collection is inspired by streetwear, and the very clean pieces are reminiscent of Scandinavian style. Its stores innovate in customer service by offering a “Store & Café” concept.

Official site: arket.com


Jack and Jones Collection

Jack & Jones is a Danish brand founded in 1990 and belonging to the Bestseller group, which also owns Selected or Vero Moda. Quickly, the learner succeeds in seducing the young public by following fashion trends and offering a rapid renewal of the collections at attractive prices. Nevertheless, the brand’s products retain a timeless aesthetic. Building on its success, Jack & Jones is now established in around forty countries.

Official site: jackjones.com


Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is one of the Inditex group’s subsidiaries, the Spanish giant, which also owns Zara, Bershka, and Massimo Dutti. Pull & Bear quickly acquired success with its target market by presenting collections designed for teenagers and young adults. Particularly thanks to a regular renewal of the collections and an aggressive pricing strategy. These shops adopt a refined aesthetic with a retro tendency.

Official site: pullandbear.com


Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti was founded in 1985 in Barcelona by the Spanish fashion designer Armando Lasauca. Since 1991, Massimo Dutti has been one of the many Spanish juggernaut Inditex properties, the number 1 in ready-to-wear, which notably owns Zara, Pull & Bear, and Bershka. Massimo Dutti sets itself apart with more sober, more mature collections of better quality than what is offered by other brands in the group. In recent years, the brand has moved upmarket slightly, offering resistant parts in natural materials while maintaining competitive prices.

Official site: massimodutti.com


Muji Brand

The name Muji is short for “Mujirushi Ryōhin,” which means “unbranded quality.” Created in 1980, Muji adopts a minimalist logic. Like Monoprix, it is positioned in the fashion market and interior decoration, kitchen utensils, and office equipment. On its clothing lines, the brand wants to offer simple and functional pieces with good materials, and which are not flashy. In the end, the quality is there for fair prices.

Official site: muji.com


COS Brand

COS is a subsidiary created by the Hennes and Mauritz group in 2007. The chain’s objective is to create a brand with a more upscale positioning than the H&M stores. Indeed, COS makes an extra effort to design its pieces, which are more modern in their cuts and have interesting details. The prices are affordable and the fabrics used are generally of better quality than those present at the parent brand.

Official site: cosstores.com

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Final Words

Everyone loves to save some money while shopping for their favourite dress. These low-cost fashion brands listed above will impress you with their quality, compare to big fashion brands. And you will be delighted to wear those trendy fashions for a long time.

Now you are aware of these brands, which you should definitely try once, and share your experience with us.


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