10 Best Rooftop Bars in London

For me, this is one of the best combinations ever: chilled music, a cocktail in hand, relaxed people around me, and enjoying the view over the skyline of London with its characteristic buildings. This is best done in one of the rooftop bars in London. You can see which are the best rooftop bars in London on our Leaderboard. I am constantly updating it so that there should definitely be a bar for you!

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Most Rooftop Bars In London Have A Dress Code?

For you, that means: men in jeans and jackets have the safest chance to get in. On the other hand, sneakers are usually not welcome!

What are the Best Rooftop Bars in London this Summer?

The first thing you should know is that the majority of rooftop bars in London are only open in summer compared to other cities. So before you plan your visit, we recommend checking the respective website to make sure that your favourite rooftop bar is actually open at the desired time.

It starts here! We’ll show you our favourite rooftop bars.


1. Dalston Roof Park (Kingsland)

Dalston Roof Park has been extensively restored and has only been open to the public again since April 2017. True to the past few years, this rooftop bar offers a relaxed atmosphere – ideal for an afternoon beer or to enjoy an unforgettable party in the city. The fact that it’s out of the way doesn’t change the fact that it’s a favourite with London locals.

My tip: keep an eye on the schedule! Dalston Roof Park has many extraordinary parties, world-class DJs, and outdoor movie nights.


2. The Culpeper (Whytechapel)

This terrace in Spitalfields is a kind of haven of peace in the middle of London’s business center. The Piculpeper at The Culpeper offers a nice mix of garden, bar, and restaurant. Many Londoners spend their after-work hours here during the summer months. Vegetables are even grown in the garden and then processed in the restaurant or served as delicious Mediterranean cocktails.


3. Frank’s Café (Peckham)

The famous summer bar in Peckham has everything we could want: delicious cocktails, good quality, and a great atmosphere, no-frills, no-nonsense. Frank’s Café is located in the parking lot of a shopping mall, which doesn’t seem particularly glamorous at first. However, this location has already blossomed into a classic, especially in the hot months. This is where Campari-based cocktails and one of the most spectacular sunsets in town are served.


4. 12th Knot (South Bank)

The 12th Knot is one of the “places to be” for the beautiful people of London. If you’re in the mood for a good cocktail with a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral and in a friendly but not too chic atmosphere, then you’ve come to the right place. The best thing about this place is that there is also a large indoor lounge that is open all year round – perfect in London’s changeable weather and even during the cold season


5. Golden Bee Rooftop Bar (Shoreditch)

The rooftop bar “Golden Bee” is located between the Financial District and Shoreditch and is known for its great cocktails. From the roof terrace, you can let your gaze wander over the roofs of the city. The Golden Bee is both a bar and a rooftop bar: even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the Golden Bee is a good destination. Because in addition to the bar & lounge area, part of the rooftop is also covered with radiant heaters! The bar is open all year round, but the terrace is only open from mid-April.


6. Aviary (Shoreditch)

Both the surroundings and the view from the Aviary bar in London remind us enormously of the New York rooftop bars. The Aviary Rooftop Bar is elegant but cozy and not too fancy, and both the food and the view are unique. This combination definitely makes it the right place for a special occasion meal with friends or family. If it’s just a drink in the evening, then you’ve come to the right place. The best? The Aviary Rooftop Bar is open all year round!


7. Boundary Rooftop (Shoreditch)

The Boundary Rooftop Bar in London is a bar on a roof where the view is rather secondary. It offers delicious meals, dinners, and excellent cocktails all year round in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will find yourself among hipsters in the alternative scene in this rooftop bar and among relatively young people. In our opinion, this rooftop bar is the ideal place to have dinner and a nice summer cocktail in the middle of London’s trendy Shoreditch district.


8. The Sky Garden (Monument)

The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street is on the 35th floor of the building called “Walkie Talkie” and gives you a 360 ° view over London. Spread over 3 floors you can go to one of the two bars (the City Garden Bar or Sky Pod Bar) or the Fenchurch Restaurant and enjoy the fantastic view.


9. Radio Rooftop Bar (Temple)

There is no way around it to mention that the nose is carried the highest in this rooftop bar. High-priced, exclusive cocktails and an unscrupulous dress code – this place rewards you with what is probably the most beautiful view of the London skyline. If the budget is generous and a chic evening dress was allowed to travel to London in a suitcase, then you will surely love the Radio Rooftop Bar for its exclusivity and design!

Note: Access only from the age of 21 years


10. Sisu (formerly Notch on Oxford Street)

This rooftop bar, previously known as Notch, reopened in May 2017 under the name Sisu. Even as a notch rooftop bar, it was one of our favourites. Since the reopening, we have unfortunately not had the opportunity to test the Sisu Rooftop Bar, so please tell us about your experience! 🙂

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Final Words

We hope we were able to give you some guidance with this article. If you have a favourite rooftop bar in London that has to be added to our list, please write us! 🙂

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