10 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in London

If you are looking for trendy vegetarian or vegan restaurants in London, you will find them in pretty much every corner of the city. Because London is not only at the forefront when it comes to fashion and lifestyle, when it comes to food items, always you will be surprised in London!

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in London

Fortunately, those who are already fed up with the usual veggie burger will not starve to death in London. Most meat-free restaurants in London have a fascinating concept with delicious and innovative food! Not only vegetarians and vegans will get their money’s worth, but we also promise! On your next London vacation, convince yourself of the regional delicacies at Borough Market and the fantastic vegan fish & chips in Soho, or enjoy the best vegan specialties in Italy in one of these typical red double-decker buses from London! We have nibbled our way through London and show you our very personal best list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in London!


1. Just FaB

That’s what I call an extraordinary vegan restaurant in London! Because the Just FaB (where “FaB” stands for “Food and Beverage”) is a decommissioned double-decker bus. One of those red London buses that you see when you think of the city of left-hand drivers!

The restaurant’s dishes are inspired by the street food of Sicily. Here you get top Italian cuisine in London style. The food comes from regional and organic cultivation. Only a few Sicilian ingredients are imported to London by the family business on the Italian island. In typical Italian tradition, Just FaB is a true family business. Owner Fabio Pironti wants to bring the philosophy of the vegan street food scene from his Sicilian homeland to London with his bus. And mother Myra, who has been preparing traditional Italian dishes in a vegan way for over 20 years, created the menu for the restaurant.

Tip:  You get the food served at tables in the upper part of the bus. You get the full Italian range of dishes, from pasta to lasagna to tiramisu – just vegan. Really tasty and extraordinary!

Website: www.just-fab.org

Address:  459, 455 Hackney Rd, London E2 9DY


2. Hornbeam

This small, friendly daytime café is a non-profit that is part of a larger eco-initiative. Hornbeam’s vision is to create and maintain active communities where people positively impact the environment. Vegan food is served with locally sourced food and thus reflects the diverse cuisine of the region. The atmosphere in the Hornbeam is very cozy, warm, and inviting. In addition, the room is also used for many community events, and there is even an organic market on a regular basis! The menu is varied with seasonally inspired main meals as well as delicious cakes, juices, and Fairtrade teas and coffee.

And the great price-performance ratio cannot be denied here either. The dishes are very generous and affordable, and the food is super fresh and organic! If you want to have breakfast at the Hornbeam, I recommend the classic: The British Breakfast Menu! The brunch goes all day and consists of two vegan sausages, a piece of sourdough toast, homemade baked beans, fried potatoes, steamed vegetables, fried mushrooms, and scrambled tofu eggs!

Website:  www.hornbeam.org.uk

Address: 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 9AH


3. Ms. Cupcake

Fancy something sweet? At Ms. Cupcake in Brixton, South West London, you can get a full load of candy! It’s London’s first fully vegan bakery! I especially liked the fluffy cupcakes, for which the bakery is also known.

But you will also find other delicacies there, such as layer cakes, cookies, muffins, nut wedges, sandwiches, hearty snacks, and much, much more. Everything is always 100% vegan, and many products are made without wheat and gluten. The bakery is a little bit out of the way and unfortunately cannot be combined with a stroll through town. But if you’re near Brixton Station or passing by, grab some of the sweet cakes! It is really a dream, and they look really nice too!

Website: www.mscupcake.co.uk

Address:  408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF


4. Mildreds

The Mildreds is a well-known team of four in London, purely vegetarian and vegan restaurants. It’s now so popular that it even brought out its own cookbook! In 1988 the first Mildreds opened on Greek Street in a former sex club in Soho. At that time, people did not think very much of vegetarian food because the operators were said to be able to stay there for a maximum of six months.

Nowadays, the Mildreds is a popular meeting place, and it is hard to imagine London without it at four locations. I am particularly enthusiastic about the beautiful ambience and the friendly and funny service.

On the menu, you will find typical dishes from all over the world. Bowles, burgers, pasta, burrito, or curry, the selection is large but not overloaded. There is something for every taste! No matter which dish you choose, I definitely recommend one of the delicious and freshly squeezed juices!

Website: www.mildreds.co.uk

Camden: 9 Jamestown Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 7BW

Soho: 45 Lexington St, Carnaby, London W1F 9AN

Kings Cross: 200 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9JP

Dalston: 1 Dalston Square, Dalston, London E8 3GU


5. Borough Market

Although this is not a restaurant in the classic sense, the Borough Market definitely belongs on our veggie top list! It is an old food market in the city and is known for its wide range of vegan food in London.

It is a mixed market that also sells (organic) meat, but there is a huge selection of fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, pastries, and delicious vegan dishes such as sandwiches or Indian curry, and much more! You can easily reach Borough Market near London Bridge. This way, you can optimally strengthen yourself even after an extensive sightseeing tour in the market. As a vegetarian, I personally like Borough Market very much, because you can stroll through the market and be inspired by all the variety of food and preparation options. In addition, almost all food comes from organic farming or comes from regional producers.

Tip: There are also events at the Borough Market from time to time, such as the “vegan cookery course,” so I was able to take some tips home with me!

Website:  www.boroughmarket.org.uk

Address:  8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL


6. Indian Veg

Bring a hunger to the store because of the rule here: All you can eat! At Indian Veg, you get a great and extensive Indian buffet meal at a really fair price of currently only £ 7.95. The small restaurant is still a real insider tip among the very coveted vegan food London hotspots!

The dishes at the buffet change daily, so if you got a taste for it there, you could always enjoy something new. Almost all curries are vegan. Only one paneer curry that is served on Wednesdays and Fridays is vegetarian. The canteen-style restaurant is not for those who want to go out for fancy dining, but rather for very hungry strollers who want to fill up quickly but still don’t want to go without really good food.

The local is not very big but is lovingly decorated with newspapers and posters from Indian beauty queens and Bollywood stars. Numerous slogans on the outside and inside emphasize the conviction for meat-free nutrition and have become, so to speak, the “trademark” of Indian Veg.

Address: 92-93 Chapel Market, London N1 9EX


7. Farmacy

“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” This is what Hippocrates once said, and this is also the slogan of Farmacy. Healthy foods of natural origin that are good for your body. That is the simple but convincing concept of the vegetarian-vegan restaurant.

The Farmacy’s menu is meat-free, and many dishes are entirely vegan. There are also no additives, refined sugar, or flavor enhancers, purely natural and fresh food. And you can really taste that, which is really rare these days. Are you up for a healthy vegan breakfast in London? No problem, because the extensive breakfast menu in the Farmacy is really impressive! Those with a sweet mouth must try the Chocolate Chip Warrior Wafflestry! These are 100% gluten-free and made with chia seeds as well as banana and homemade Nutella. The coconut yogurt is the icing on the cake and makes breakfast perfect! The location is romantic and cozy. Many wooden elements, small light sources, and the multitude of plants just fit perfectly into the Farmacy!

Tip: Since you cannot reserve a table at the Farmacy, we recommend that you go to breakfast there during the week. The place is always jam-packed at the weekend! The team always tries to accommodate everyone and is super friendly!

Website:  www.farmacylondon.com

Address:  74 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH


8. Itadaki Zen

The menu of the Japanese restaurant Itadaki Zen in King’s Cross impresses with its diverse range of vegan and organic dishes. The focus is on organic and seasonal vegetables and Japanese spices.  The typical ingredients rice, root vegetables, seaweed, and soybeans are brought to the point with noodles or tofu variations. If you go out to eat here, be sure to try the grilled spring rolls with a soft, pureed tofu filling! A real change from the traditional and greasier spring rolls. But the homemade kimchi and vegan sushi are simply unbeatable!

The interior of the restaurant is kept very simple, no-frills, no Zen-like music, only the good food is the focus here. I think Itadaki Zen offers a nice short break from the hustle and bustle of the city. After a spicy tea made from bamboo and buckwheat, you can continue on a tour of discovery through London. Because of the central location of the restaurant, close to King’s Cross Station, that’s not a problem at all!

Website:  www.itadakizen-uk.com

Address: 139 King’s Cross Rd, London WC1X 9BJ


9. Vanilla Black

Are you looking for the extraordinary? Perhaps for a romantic candlelight dinner or as a surprise for a good friend or just to treat your own taste buds to something really good? Vanilla Black is one of those unusual restaurants that looks so inconspicuous from the outside that you could walk past it. Fortunately, we have discovered it and do not want to withhold it from you because a taste explosion at its finest awaits you here!

You can wait a long time for vegan curry or pasta because the menu only contains exquisite compositions of selected ingredients. How about a roasted onion puree with spring onions and an ice-cold lemon dumpling for dessert? Simply surprisingly delicious and something special! However, if you are expecting large portions, you should look for another store. In Vanilla Black, the focus is on the taste experience! Exceptional dishes, no artificial additives, and of course meat-free: every bite will surprise you!

Website:  www.vanillablack.co.uk

Address:  17-18 Took’s Court, London EC4A 1LB


10. Norman’s Coach & Horses

Do you want to try something really typical British in London? Fish & Chips are the ultimate London food that everyone should try!  Fortunately, there is now a place in Soho that has vegan fish & chips! At Norman’s Coach & Horses, thanks to “Tofush and Chips,” Everyone can enjoy the treat! But that’s not all.

In London’s first vegetarian and vegan pub, you can enjoy many other high-quality dishes and at the same time soak up the incomparable atmosphere of a London pub. All dishes are homemade and prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. There is Mac & Cheese, Chilli, Burgers and more – very hearty! A visit to the pub is really a must for everyone (not just for vegetarians or vegans)! The traditional family business is very welcoming and always offers great events, such as beer tastings and evenings with live bands.

Address: 29 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 5DH

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