Best Supermarkets in UK: Save on Your Shopping

If you are living in London, or any other city in the UK, you’ll want to know which supermarkets to buy from and how to save money on your shopping, especially for everyday and standard purchases.

Living in England is expensive, why should I lie to you? And even more, if it’s in London. But you already knew that. But I’m sure you still don’t know the following tips I’ll tell you to save when shopping in supermarkets in London or England.

cheap supermarkets in england

There are also some more expensive cities than others in terms of buying, and London tends to be on top of the expensive cities. The prices will always depend on the city where you are located, and it will be good to have a model type of advice or tips.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to save the most when shopping in the UK and the best supermarkets, so you don’t overspend every time you go shopping.

When it comes time to shop, it is good to know the price of things so that you can control the minimum monthly expenses when you live in the UK. If you are in London, you will be interested in knowing where to buy cheap items in London.


Cheap Supermarkets in London

As in all cities, there are always some supermarkets that are cheaper than others.

1. Poundland

We cannot forget the supermarket’s par excellence for all those who decide to spend a season there in search of saving money. Here, mainly, you can buy groceries, but you will also find other types of products such as cosmetics, hygiene products, and other accessories such as toys, electronics, etc. All at prices that make you laugh.

Anything you buy in Poundland will cost you a pound, whatever it is. London has several Poundlands, 134 in total, so it’s best to go to their website and search for the store that’s closest to you. If you want to buy cheap, this is a must in England.

They are most centrally located in Notting Hill and Camden.


2. Lidl

You will certainly know Lidl because they are famous in the UK. They are not much different from here, they have low prices and the quality of the products is expected.

Lidl has many products imported from other countries, mainly from Central Europe. They tend to have offered both for food and for other products, which vary periodically.

It is generally recommended if you want to shop cheaply and also if you’re going to make large weekly purchases per month. In London, there are 77 Lidl supermarkets.


3. 99p

The 99p is similar supermarkets to Poundland, being the price at 99p. You will also find them all over the different districts of London. You can find everything there, at a price of 99p for basic products. Then there are other prices. There are 46 99p supermarkets in London.



The products of ASDA supermarket are generally of good quality and the prices, although varied, tend to be rather low. You won’t just find food; they have all kinds of products such as clothes or household items. You can do your shopping online.

The good thing is that during the week you can find them open from 6 am until midnight. There are 44 Asda supermarkets in London.


5. Aldi

The Aldi supermarket chain has its prices are relatively low, and they have standard quality products imported from abroad, mainly from Central Europe.

Again, it is recommended if you want to do low-cost grocery shopping for your weekly shopping. In London, there are around 30 Aldi supermarkets.


6. Spar

Another chain of supermarkets that you will know because we also have them in other European countries. Their problem is that they tend to be small and don’t offer a lot of products. However, for something basic that is needed, they may be valid. There are 96 Spar supermarkets in London.


7. Morrisons

Morrisons could be placed between inexpensive supermarkets and those that are considered normal. Their advantages are the fresh products and that you can place orders online.

They have a 100% British product section. Apart from food, they have all kinds of useful products for the home.

In London, there are 36 Morrisons supermarkets. If you have one nearby, it is recommended for its value for money.


8. Iceland

From the name, you might get an idea of ​​the type of supermarket. Iceland mainly sells frozen food (like Picard). Its quality is not up to the level if you want to eat it every day of the week, but it is the best option for some frozen products. There are 128 Iceland supermarkets in London.


Normal Supermarkets in London

Then we find the supermarkets which have higher prices than the first ones but which, economically, are still acceptable.

1. Tesco

These are the most typical supermarkets in the UK, being the largest supermarket chain in the country. Tesco has two types of supermarkets. The first, considered big, who have all kinds of food products as well as products for the home and garden, clothes, toys, technology, entertainment, etc. The little ones are called Tesco Express, and they usually have the most popular products. More fundamental, giving priority to food. A bit like Carrefour Express with us.

There are a total of 132 Tesco supermarkets which count as normal supermarkets (60), Tesco Extra (19), Tesco Metro (39), and Tesco superstores (14).


2. Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is one of the other major supermarket chains in the UK. It is quite similar to Tesco mainly because of its quality.

You will find mainly food, but there is also clothing for men, women, and children.

There are 147 Sainsbury supermarkets in London.


3. The Co-operative

Co-operative supermarkets are known for their ethics. Quality products at prices similar to the two previous supermarkets. They have 42 supermarkets in London.


Expensive Supermarkets in London

As in all countries, there are also expensive supermarkets that have maximum quality.

1. Waitrose

Waitrose has excellent products, and they are known for their ready meals, which are of good quality and cheaper than in a restaurant. They also have stores called “Little Waitrose,” where they have the essential products.

They have a total of 116 supermarkets in London, 84 Normal Waitrose, and 32 Little Waitrose.


2. Marks & Spencer

M&S is not really the supermarket as such. It is best known for being a clothing and home goods store. The food department is quite expensive, but there are a lot of quick meals prepared like salads or sandwiches.

In London, there are 76 Marks & Spencer and 108 Simply Food from Marks & Spencer.

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Online Supermarkets in London

In London, it has become fashionable to buy from online supermarkets. Buying online and having it delivered to your home is very comfortable.

1. Ocado

Ocado does not have physical supermarkets. Everything is done online, even from smartphones. You will find everything there and, in addition, have continuous offers. They have a lot of food sections, but you can also find items for the home, fashion, or cosmetics.


2. MySupermarket

On the MySupermarket site, you compare real-time offers and discounts from supermarkets that sell online, so you will always buy the cheapest. You can save a lot. Some of the supermarkets that are compared are ALDI, ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco, or Sainsbury.


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