Eating Cheaply in London: Our Tips and Tricks

London is not a cheap city, that’s for sure. And if you want to eat in restaurants, you often have to dig deep into your pockets. With a little skill and the right insider knowledge (don’t worry, you can get that from us here), you will still get full without going bankrupt. In this article, we will give you a few tips for your trip to London so that you don’t have to eat dry rice cakes and water but can instead indulge in the city’s culinary diversity for a reasonable price.

eating cheaply in london

 With these Tricks, You can Eat Cheaply in London

What is actually cheap, and when does it get expensive? Everyone has their own definition depending on the size of the bank account. We have set our budget limit for cheap food in London at £ 10. That is nothing, but by London standards, it almost falls into the “bargain” category.


 The Food Markets in London

We are crazy about London’s street food markets. There are dozens all over town, And they are lovely. Why? Because they have tons of great, affordable food. In addition, there are so many different offers at the stands that even larger groups can meet there without having to spend hours arguing about the restaurant selection. Especially fans of international cuisine with palates who like to try out new flavors will experience the Food Markets in London as a culinary Eldorado.


The “Lunch Deal” in Supermarkets

What is also very common in London: Lunch to go. With the so-called lunch deals in supermarkets, you can get a whole package for around £ 5. This usually includes a sandwich + drink + a fruit, a snack or a sweet. However, there are no sitting areas where you can comfortably stretch your legs while you eat your sandwich. So you have to eat on the way. In addition to the lunch deal, in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Simple Food you will of course also find a whole range of other fresh offers such as wraps, sandwiches, and baguettes for a quick bite in between. This is an inexpensive alternative that you can use all day in case you are hungry again and you are looking for options for cheap food in London.


London Cafes and Bakeries

You can always stumble across cafes like Costa, Nero, or Pret A Manger all over London. The good thing is that you can always get snacks and sandwiches on hand there. Strictly speaking, that falls under fast food because these little interludes are a good way to recharge your batteries quickly, but not to linger there for a long time. Especially on cool days, I am always happy to have the opportunity to warm up the sandwich. There’s really little I like more than a good melted cheese sandwich for in between.


Where can You Eat cheaply in London? 10 Top Restaurants with Prices under £ 10

1. Patty & Bun Burger

Patty & Bun’s burgers are not cheap, but their quality is worth every penny. For £ 8.75, you can get an excellent cheeseburger on your plate, and for £ 6.50, you can get the best fried chicken in all of London. Don’t worry, even if you’re not into meat, the menu has a few good vegetarian options under £ 10. I don’t want to exaggerate, but Patty & Bun has really become one of our favorite burger places in the world. You can find more information and all branch locations (8) on the Patty & Bun website.


2. Nando’s

My eyes light up at the thought of Nando’s – these spices !!! The restaurant chain specializes in African-style fried chicken. I don’t really want to imagine a life without peri-peri sauce anymore. But you just have to try the side dishes with the chicken yourself. You can get a plate of six chicken wings plus two side dishes and lemonade for under £ 10. Children get their dishes for around £ 6.


3. Itsu Sushi

The Itsu Sushi is not unique either. There are a number of these restaurants in London. They are a bit reminiscent of “sashimi,” but with a lot more seating and – I think – better, more varied sushi. Not just me, Londoners love Itsu Sushi too. The chain is simply a great option to eat delicious and high-quality without slipping into the red. In addition to sushi, there is also gyoza, which is at least as tasty. You can find more information about Itsu Sushi here.


4. Leon

The Leon is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to having a decent breakfast before a strenuous day tour of London. The shop’s motto: “Naturally Fast Food.” And that’s exactly what they offer there – high-quality fast food for almost every taste. The menu includes sweet and salty options for vegans, vegetarians, celiac, and allergy sufferers. You can also see information on the ingredients and calories per serving next to each dish. For example, you can get a coffee, an egg and a salmon-filled bun (that’s my standard breakfast there) for around £ 7. You can see the entire offer on the Leon website.


5. Pizza Pilgrims

You can at least order the simplest variants such as marinara, pizza margherita or napolitana at Pizza Pilgrims for less than ten pounds. The quality is absolutely great, which is why a detour to this pizza chain is always recommended. There are now more than 10 branches in central London. So your paths will inevitably cross. You can see the full menu and all locations on the Pizza Pilgrims website.


6. Cookhouse Joe in Soho

Cookhouse Joe, I believe, is probably the best value in London’s Soho. For half a chicken plus chips, you pay around £ 7. If that doesn’t fall under the cheap eat out in London category, I don’t know either. We eat on site at the table – nothing standing, nothing to take away. If you’re traveling in a group, you can order one of the Cookhouse Joe menus and share a whole chicken plus many side dishes. If you feel like it, I would advise you to reserve in advance. Spontaneous decision-makers should definitely be patient because the shop is usually full.


7. Pizza Union

Although we are absolutely into Pizza Pilgrims, the Pizza Union should not be missing from this list. Here you can eat really cheap pizzas in London. In terms of taste, the pizzas from Pizza Union are completely solid. You are spoiled for choice with ten pizza variations, all of which cost less than £ 10. The cocktails are nowhere as cheap as at Pizza Union. But be careful; the hangover the next day is usually correspondingly bad. You can find Pizza Union in London in Spitalfields, Aldgate, Dalston, and Kings Cross. More details can be found on the Pizza Union website.


8. Brick Lane Beigel Beacon

You know us pretty well by now. So you know that we have a big weakness for Brick Lane and all of its markets to have. Beigel Bake is an absolute highlight on this street. As the name suggests, the bakery specializes in bagels. Many old-established shops had to give in because the gentrification was too overpowering, but Beigel Bake defiantly remains in place – luckily !!! You can get everything there that makes the heart of a true bagel lover beat faster, from the classics with cream cheese to the luxury version with salmon. Which is the best? Just try the “Hot Salt Beef Bagel.” No matter what time and condition you are in, this bagel is a real energy miracle cure.


9. E. Pellicci

If you’re looking for the best English breakfast in town, then you have no choice but to stop by E. Pellicci. Breakfast has been served there for a century (!), still at absolutely affordable prices. Full English is available for under £ 8! The menu features a range of typically British dishes, which are often combined very pleasantly with Italian cuisine. E. Pellicci is an icon among London’s budget restaurants. If you are interested in the whole story of the Pellicci family, you should take a  closer look at the E-Pellicci website.


10. Pilpel

When I’m really craving falafel or hummus again, the Pilpel is my place to be. There you can put together your own falafel (in bread or on the plate) or choose one of the exclusive creations. One of my favorite compositions is “Falafel with Guacamole in Pita,” for less than £ 6. You can get a hummus dish with sheep’s cheese and a matching pita for around £ 5. You have probably already thought that there is something on hand here. The Pilpel belongs more to the snack category, and there are usually only a few seats, if at all. Note: the queue at lunchtime is usually quite long. But don’t let that put you off, they work very quickly, and you never really have to wait long—Pilpel website .

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 Final Words

I know about the reputation of the city – London is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe. That sounds pretty unsettling at first, especially when the travel budget is limited. But don’t worry, cheap food in London is possible. You just have to pay a little attention to where you stop for food and drink and maybe plan a little more ahead than you do at home. The information I have compiled for you here is definitely a very good basis. With these tips, you shouldn’t have any problems getting cheap food in London, and you don’t have to do without the culinary variety.

For me, the most straightforward and most exciting option remains the food markets. There are just so many different dishes for a decent price – especially in the Soho or Shoreditch districts. In Westminster, on the other hand, the markets can get expensive, especially at night.


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