Guide for Buying Clothes: How to Be a Better Shopper

Who does not like to buy new outfits and clothes? Who does not like to look trendy and stylish?
Who does not like to go clothes shopping and come back with hands full of shopping bags filled with new trendy outfits? Yes, that’s right, no one. Everyone likes to go shopping and everyone likes to wear new and trendy clothes, which is a human thing.

smart shopper

And now, in this era of a world filled with shopaholics and zillions of options to shop from, including online Shopping options, textile shops, supermarkets, branded clothing outlets, and so many more, it is extremely vital to be a SMART SHOPPER.

And if you do not know what a smart shopper is or how to be one, don’t worry because you have come to the right place.
I will tell you all about how to be a smart shopper.

Why Do You Have To Be A Better Buyer

Let us be honest, Both you and I know how much of a shopping addiction we have. If we are sad, we would probably think of treating ourself with a new leather handbag or a new pair of sports shoe or at least a new tee.  Things would not be way too different if we are happy either, we will probably celebrate it with a new pair of jeans or a crop top that was in the shopping cart for way too long.

The fun part is that it is not just sad or happy that makes our shop. I know how easy it is for us to want something new now and then. Even if you see a friend posting a new picture on social media, wearing a new cardigan or a new t-shirt, chances are, five minutes later, you will want a t-shirt too.

So, we can accept that we are helpless when it comes to shopping. Therefore, we need to find a way to do that “SHOPPING” in a smart way, because let us be straightforward, some of us are impulsive buyers, some of us buy more than what we want, and some others among us buy things that are different from what we want. It is due to all these reasons that we need to start becoming SMART SHOPPERS.


Ways To Become A Smart Shopper

1. Know Your Size: Regardless of the platform you are shopping from, be it a store next to your office or the website or app that you always choose to buy clothes from, you must know your size and measurements precisely. It is also quite important that you update this measurement of yours by measuring yourself regularly enough ( because face the facts, we all gain and lose weight as well as change sizes ).

Checking the size chart when you are shopping online is a great idea because even different brands in the same website or app would have different measurements under the same size. For example, Levi’s L size t shirt’s chest measurement might be 40 inches, while a DJ&C’s Levi’s L size t shirt’s chest measurement might be 38 inches. So, keep in mind – Know your Size.

2. Know the material: You see a shirt online; it looks so comfortable and smooth, looks so much like it would be perfect for you and Boom!!! You’ve bought it. days later, it reaches you, and with so much excitement, you open the package, and you find out that the shirt is not of cotton material, but it is a polyester shirt, and the last time you checked the temperature, it was “sweating like a pig” temperature outside…

I know you can feel the disappointment just by reading it. But, mind you, this is not a very far shot, because this happens to many shoppers many times. So, next time you shop, make sure you check the material and compare its use afterward. After all, you wouldn’t want to wear a high-waisted bikini in December or a faux fur jacket in Summer.

3. Know the Trend – Another important thing to keep in mind while wanting to be a smart shopper is to do ample research while shopping for something in particular. This so-called research must include different varieties of the thing you intend to purchase, different colors, different patterns, fits across various sites, and different price ranges. Such research will help you decide which exact product will be the best one for you.

While making a purchase, that too of something that is going to present you, you need to consider how the outfit will look on you as well as how you will look in it, i.e., you need to analyze your body type, your skin shade, your way of walking, your comforts and discomforts, and if the outfit is for a particular occasion, then specifics related to the occasion need to be analyzed, like for example, in the event an outdoor one or an indoor one, is it a formal occasion or an informal meeting, all such specifics should be considered.

4. Know to be flexible – maybe you will relate to me when I say more than half of my wardrobe is shades of blue or when I say all I have are cotton clothes. If the answer is yes, then my dear friend, you need to understand flexibility. It is highly probable that when it comes to shopping for clothes, we will have an “all-time go – to” like if it’s a shirt, I’ll wear it for sure, or if it has collars, it’s not for me, or even “anything red will look good on me.”Now, I know this might be difficult for you to accept, but please, START EXPERIMENTING and Be FLEXIBLE. Try that new design, try that crop top, try those high-waisted jeans; if you think it might look good on you, chances are, it might actually look good on you.

5. Know when to shop – This statement, unlike the previous points, might not have made a lot of sense to you upon the first reading, but trust me, after understanding this, this particular point might be one among the points that would be the most helpful to you. “Halloween is coming up, and you have been invited to a party well in prior, and from the very first day, you have been planning to wear a black gown and dress up as a vampire, you have a gown in your shopping cart in your favorite app, but you’ve been busy throughout the week, so you keep postponing. And before you know it, it’s just three more days till Halloween, but thank goodness, express delivery exists, so you can get the gown in less than 24hrs, and when you finally open the app and go to your cart to buy the gown, it’s OUT OF STOCK!!!

The disappointment and frustration would be uncomparable, and now you are left with no other option, and you have to go as the sexy pumpkin with that year’s old costume. Even if this very same thing might not have happened to you, I’m sure something of this sort would have happened to you at least once. So, learn from your mistakes, don’t wait for the last moment to buy what you need.

Also, keep in mind to note offer days, your payout date, the expected delivery time, and such necessary dates while shopping for something online.

6. Know What You Like And Know What You Need – If you are into your late twenties or thirties, someone or the other from the list of your friends might be getting married now and then, and this can imply that traditional attires, all those kinds of clothes are now a ‘must have’ in your wardrobe. But trust me when I tell you this, my friend, all those traditional dresses would probably stay in the corner of your wardrobe after just one use, never to be worn again.So, make sure you buy anything only if you like it. We all know that one outfit that we hate but still have because ‘it is needed,’ well you know what, that kind of a ‘need’ is a joke. It’s no crime to wear what you are comfortable in as long as it is decent enough. So again, buy only what you like.

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Final words

So, now you know how to do your shopping smart shopping. I hope that reading this was helpful to you and was a pleasant experience. If your answer is yes, just make sure, you’ll keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while you go shopping the next time.

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