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JD Feedback Survey: Being fit is the new fashion, isn’t it? Working out and keeping your body in shape is something we should do on a daily. We have seen those people on Instagram and other social platforms with the perfect body and in their workout dresses and gear. JD Sports allows you to buy the clothing that is most comfortable for your workout session. From top to bottom, they have covered for you.

Now, they want to know what their clients think. That is why they have arranged a JD Sports Sports  Survey to understand what you are thinking about them. They are always open to improvements. They understand people will not be willing to do anything unproductive. Therefore, they have arranged a survey reward as well.

In this article, we have discussed the survey in detail, which will help you to complete the survey without any difficulties. Also, we have included the terms and conditions you need to follow and, of course, the prize draw rewards. Read the article carefully and understand the process of completing the survey.

jd feedback uk

Purpose of the JD Sports Survey

Why are surveys so important? Surveys will help the company to alter its current strategies to better its own. Companies long for your feedback so that they can know about your view on their products and services. They want to know which part excites you and which part makes you rethink. They want to understand what will make you happy, and they would like to execute that.

As the survey comes straight from the customers and not from any third-party services, the feedback will be rather honest than sugarcoated ones. By knowing the problems faced by the customers, they can understand what the root cause is and can analyze it. Later it can be solved with care.

They will make sure that the problem is resolved and no one else faces the same issue again in the future. Once it is executed, there can be an increase in the coming back of the existing customers, and also, they might also suggest the shop to others as well.


JD Feedback UK Survey Reward

They are offering a chance to win £500 as a promotional gift by completing the JD Feedback UK Survey, which you can use at the store as well. No cash alternatives are promoted instead of the coupon. The prizes should be considered as an award and should be accepted like that as well.

Remember that the prize draw can alter or end altogether at any time without any prior notice as the sponsors wish to.


JD Sports Feedback Survey Rules and Requirements

For taking part in the JD Sports feedback survey, you will need to fulfil the terms and conditions given by the company. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Only legal residents of the United Kingdom can participate in the survey. All others are considered ineligible for this survey.
  • The participant must be 18 years of age or above to take part in the JD Sports customer survey.
  • The employees of JD Sports, their family members, representatives, agent, or any kind of subsidiaries, licensees, or affiliates are not eligible to participate in the feedback survey.
  • Purchase from the shop is not necessary to enter the survey. Above that, positive reviews won’t increase the chance of winning the JD Sports prize draw.
  • All the entrants need to agree to the terms and conditions given by the promoters.
  • The prize can only be redeemed at JD Sports, Size, Bank, Champion, or Cloggs.
  • A laptop, smartphone, or similar device with a fair internet connection is required to participate in the survey.
  • To answer the survey questions, the entrants should have good knowledge of English.
  • A valid e-mail id is also required to enter the sweepstakes.


Quicksteps to Win £500 from the JD Sports Prize Draw

  1. Visit the official site for the survey provided by JD Sports at jdsports.co.uk/page/NPS-Feedback-Survey.
  2. Provide your age, gender, and other details.
  3. You will be asked a few questions about your shopping.
  4. After completing the questionnaire, provide your full name and e-mail address in the given box to contact you if you win the contest.
  5. Then, click the ‘Done’ button to submit the survey.


How to Complete the JD Sports Survey at JDsports.co.uk/page/NPS-Feedback-Survey – Detailed Guide

Follow the below-given steps to complete the survey.

1. Visit the site for the JD Sports Customer Experience Survey at www.jdsports.co.uk/page/NPS-Feedback-Survey to participate in the survey.

jd feedback uk

2. Read all the terms ad conditions on the page. Note that once you enter the essay, we will agree to all the terms and conditions.

3. Select your age, gender, and how often you visit the store and purchase and click ‘Next’ to jump to the next page.

jd sports feedback

4. Answer those questions carefully and honestly and move on to the next sections. Make sure that you don’t sugarcoat your answers; the company likes to hear both parts of your story.

5. At last, you will be asked to enter your name and a valid e-mail address in the rectangular box. Also, you can mention your issues, if any.

jd feedback survey

6. You will be thanked by the company. Now you will have to wait until the prize draw day.

www jd sports feedback co uk


JD Sports Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • The JD Sports Customer Survey entrants may receive the winning notification through e-mail, so always read the messages up to date.
  • Everyone must keep all the bills and receipts safely from shops or restaurants. There is a great chance to win rewards by sharing your shopping experience.
  • You can check our Survey section in the top menu to find out the stores that are providing exciting prizes for your valuable feedback.
  • Let us know your doubts or issues related to the JD Sports UK Customer Experience Survey at surveydetails.co.uk. We are happy to help you.
  • Always try to submit honest reviews because positive feedback won’t increase the chance to win the prize draw and also helps them to fix those issues.

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About JD Sports

We all love to be comfy and stylish in our fitness clothes, don’t we? JD Sport is a British sports fashion retail company based in Greater Manchester, England.

The company was established in 1981 by John Wardle and David Makin. They are vastly spread on to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the united states. They have a varied range of clothes, footwear, and accessories.

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JD Sports Contact Details

Contact Number: 0161 393 7055

Contact Page: www.jdsports.co.uk/customer-service/contact

Mail to:

JD Sports
Hollinsbrook Way
Pilsworth, Bury
Gtr. Manchester, BL9 8RR

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Final Words

We have tried to put every piece of information about the JD Sports UK Survey at www.jdsports.co.uk/page/NPS-Feedback-Survey. Read the article carefully and understand the terms and conditions. Go through the steps again as well. We hope we have cleared all your doubts.

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