Rules and Shopping Hacks to Save Money in Supermarkets

Every week, same routine, shopping! From shelf to shelf, you roam to find what you need. But do you know your rights at the supermarket? We take stock.

Rules and Shopping Hacks to Save Money in Supermarkets

If shopping at the supermarket is a nightmare for you, the major retailers offer new services such as delivery in less than an hour or night openings. For those who like to shop, here are the rules to follow in a supermarket. Also, follow our best tips to save money in supermarkets.


5 Supermarket Rules That You Should Know

1. What Should You do When You Break a Product in the Supermarket?

You have the right to refuse to pay if you accidentally drop a stack of jars. The store manager can not force you to reimburse the loss, especially since he is insured.


2. Is it Possible to Pay for my Purchases in Small Change?

Yes, you have the right, To help the cashiers and the customers behind you, but you still have to top it up. Also, the store is entitled to limit your payment to a maximum of 50 pieces.


3. Buying Expired Food, What to do?

And yes! If the use-by date indicated has passed, you can return directly to the store. Either exchange the product or get a refund.


4. Is it Possible to Separate a Batch of 16 Yogurts to Take only 4?

Article L. 122-1 of the Consumer Code prohibits making the sale of a product conditional on the purchase of an imposed quantity. Thus, I can only take a few yoghurts out of the 16 offered, on the condition, all the same, not to alter the packaging.


5. In the Supermarket, is it Possible to Test A Product Before Buying it?

If it’s tempting to taste two or three raspberries in the fruit and vegetable section, it’s stealing! If you taste, you pay. If you start a packet of cookies on the shelves, you must pay for it at the cash register when you arrive.


5 Tips to Save Money on Your Shopping at the Supermarket

According to an economic survey, nine out of ten people feel that prices have increased during the health crisis, such as fruits and vegetables. Many households see their financial situation battered in this uncertain economic context. Now is the time to look for the cheapest products and brands and cut unnecessary expenses.

1. Meal Deal!

Supermarket England-London-meal deal which means “menu offer.” In all the supermarkets in London and other British cities, you will find a space dedicated to the sale of food for the half-day: sandwiches, soft drinks, bags of fries, etc.

It is very obvious to have combo offers like getting your burger, fries, and drinks for a few pounds. If you buy those separately, it will cost up to double or triple.

If you are going to purchase these combo pack offers, make sure that the items that are included in this offer are located and combine them as you wish. Even if you don’t want fries, you’ll pay less if you take them with you than if you don’t.


2. Reduced Items

If you’ve ever shopped at a supermarket in London or the UK around 6 pm, you may have noticed that some products have a yellow sticker that says “Reduced.”

These are products that won’t be able to sell the next day because they will expire overnight and people won’t buy them since it expires the same day.

So, these kinds of products will be sold at lower rates by supermarkets than throw it away.

So if you want to save on your purchases, go around 6 pm, and you can get fresh products like fish, meat, canned fruit, etc., even at 60% lower prices (I guess it depends on the supermarket).

And I think that goes without saying, but just in case the products are in perfect condition.


3. Everything Under 0.99p

It’s not just expensive things in England. Things are so affordable that they surprised me the first time I walked in.

Poundland and 99p are individual franchises in which all products for sale, without exception, are priced at 1 or 0.99 pounds (sometimes less). With them, you can find practically everything, even incredible things, at much lower prices. Shopping here is very inexpensive.

Cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, food, toys, gardening, vacation supplies, lots of candy and snacks, and a lot more are available. A person can perfectly do the weekly shopping in one of these two stores, and only fresh produce such as vegetables and fruit should be purchased elsewhere. Even you can purchase specific types of dairy products, meats, and eggs.

And surprisingly is that most of these products are big brands. To give you an example, I buy my Ax Bath Gel, Colgate Toothpaste, Nivea Soap, Oreos Cakes, Heinz Ketchup, and an endless number of 1-pound items. You will be doing top-quality shopping very cheaply.

To give an idea of ​​what I’m telling you, I checked the price of my usual bath gel in a supermarket’s online store by writing the name of this item. The price was £3.49. Taking into account that today 99 pennies in Poundland, I pay three times less than what I would pay. And there are a lot of examples like that.


4. Loyalty Cards

Almost every supermarket has a loyalty card, and the British love them. For example, a very famous card is the Sainsbury’s Nectar card, where you will accumulate points for every purchase you make and which you can redeem in the future for discounts.

Another example of a great card is if you get the Waitrose card, you will have free coffee every morning.

Therefore, once you have a few weeks of UK experience, and you know which supermarket you will be going to for your groceries on a daily basis, get your loyalty card. It’s free and still gives you the good stuff.

Also, if you need to make international transfers to receive or send money, you can use Transferwise.


5. Place Where You Shouldn’t shop

Anything that is not a supermarket chain (Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, etc.) will be more expensive when you shop. And with that, I mean the famous “corner stores” open almost 24 hours a day, gas stations, etc. Where, although convenient, we will pay a lot more.

Therefore, unless it is an “emergency,” we should avoid them.

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Final Words

Hope this post on supermarkets rules and shopping tips is helpful. If you have any questions or want to tell us about your experience, we’ll read you in the comments.

Have a nice day…

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