Shell Spin To Win Amazing Prizes

Shell Spin to Win with Shell Go + is an instant-prized advertising campaign presented by Shell UK Oil Products Ltd at This is a new gift scheme for customers who enjoy the fun and entertainment across the UK when visiting the Shell service station during the offer period.

During the Shell Spin to Win campaign period, you can get game cards from Shell service stations in England, Scotland, and Wales. Each game card has an unusual promotion code for getting a chance to win one of the prizes. You have to enter the code in the Internet-based gift-advancement during the promotion period.

The Shell go+ spin to win promotion campaign is programmed to take an interest in shell service stations from January 6, 2022, to March 2, 2022. It is included with two extra weeks to play online until sixteenth March. Keep in mind that all dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond the discretionary control of the promoter, including any pandemic situation. If there are any changes in the promotion period and some other plans set out in these terms and conditions, it will be notified. Therefore, it is advisable to check back from time to time for updates.

shell spin to win

Shell Spin To Win Prize Details

Spin to Win is Shell U.K’s most recent promotion platform and has many prizes to win instantly at or You can quickly win up to 23,417,100 prizes, including a glamping holiday, shell energy gift cards, a garden makeover voucher, free Costa coffee, shell non-fuel treat items, free fuel for a year, family accommodation, and more.

Prizes are divided into two categories – Online Instant Win Prizes and Collect and Win Bonus Game Prizes. Online Instant Win Prizes include Major Online Instant Win Prizes and Consolation Online Instant Win Prizes.

Major Online Instant Win Prizes – It offers the maximum number of prizes that can be won throughout the promotion time frame. It includes Glamping Holiday, Shell Energy Gift Cards, Costa Free Coffee, Garden Makeover Voucher, Picks up a treat, etc.

Stage Prize Count
Tier 1 Glamping Holiday 35
Tier 2 Shell Energy £500 Gift Card 100
Tier 3 YouGarden Garden Makeover Voucher 100
Tier 4 Friendly Turtle On The Go Bundle 700
Tier 5 Halfords £50 Gift Card 1050
Tier 6 Waitrose £20 Gift Card 2410
Tier 7 Uber Eats £20 Credit 2360
Tier 8 YouGarden Grow Your Own Seeds Packet 15670
Tier 9 Costa Free Coffee 5000
Tier 10 Pick up a treat (non-fuel items):

McCoys Salt & Vinegar

Cadburys Twirl

Mars Barx


Maltesers Bunny








Jamie Oliver Cookery Classes
Readly Free One Year Subscription
Readly 2 Months Free + 6 Months 10% off Subscription
Shell Energy Shop 10% Discount
Halfords 15% off Motoring Products
YouGarden £10 Sitewide Discount
 Friendly Turtle £5 off £40 sitewide Spend

Consolation Online Instant Win Prizes – It includes Jamie Oliver Cookery Classes, Readly Free One Year Subscription, Shell Energy Shop 10% Discount, and more.

Collect and Win Bonus Game Prizes – This category offers Forest Holidays Family Staycation, Shell Free Fuel for 1 Year, Uber Eats £200 Credit, and so on.

Common Bonus Win Collector Tiles Type 1 – non-winning moments Common Bonus Win Collector Tiles Type 2 – non-winning moments Rare Bonus Win Collector Tiles – Winning Moments
Forest Holidays Family Staycation 2,341,430 2,341,430 70
Shell Free Fuel for 1 Year 2,341,430 2,341,430 10
John Lewis £300 Gift Card 2,341,430 2,341,430 530
Uber Eats £200 Credit 2,341,430 2,341,430 780
GoPro HERO10 Black 2,341,430 2,341,430 10

You will have a chance to win every time you buy £20 or more from Shell petrol station. The promotion may seem generous, yet not every one of the prizes is destined to be won, and the chances of anyone winning one of the big prizes are extremely slim.


 Spin To Win Shell Rules & Regulations

  • The promotion is only open to England, Scotland, and Wales residents.
  • At the time of entry, participants must be members of the Shell Go+ loyalty scheme.
  • If you are not already a member of Shell Go +, you will be approached to enroll before entering your code.
  • Each day you can enter Spin to Win only one time. Three times per week is the maximum, in which a week runs from Thursday to Wednesday.
  • Every time you turn the wheel at or, you’ll acquire an instant prize, and you’ll have another opportunity to win.
  • High-speed Internet access is necessary for participation.
  • A Purchase from the Shell U.K is necessary.
  • Not all entries outside the promotion period will be accepted.
  • Representatives of the promoter or any agent of the promoter are not permitted.
  • All promotion codes are exceptional and must be used once.
  • Inadequate, incomprehensible, invalid, or misleading entries will not be accepted.
  • Entries made in someone else’s name will be disqualified at the discretion of the promoter.


How To Enter Shell Go Spin To Win at

1. To take an interest in shell go plus spin to win, you will require registration in the Shell Go+ rewards program.

2. Spend a minimum of £20 on fuel at any Shell petrol station – including Pay at Pump or in the shop.

3. You will get a game card with a distinctive Spin to Win code.

4. Your unique code will be emailed if you pay using Pay at Pump.

5. This is the time to Log in at using your registered Shell Go+ email address.

6. If you are a Shell Go+ member, then click on “I’m already a Shell Go+ member,” else select “Help me sign up to Shell Go+.”

7. Then, either login or register your Shell Go+ account.

spin to win shell

8. Enter your e-mail address and password to log in.

shell spin to win

9. Now, you are ready to spin; enter your forename, surname, & e-mail id and click the Register button.

shell go spin to win

10. On the next page, you will see a “Spin to Win” button; click on it.

11. Enter your shell spin to win enter code, and you will win an instant prize.

shell spin to win

12. You’ll also get a collector prize if you collect the full set of three matching pieces. You will also win that extra prize.

13. There is no provision to enter the code more than once.


About Shell

Are you looking for information about Shell UK? There are several ways to find out more about this company. Royal Dutch Shell is a British multinational oil company with headquarters at The ‘Shell Centre’ in London. It is one of the so-called ‘supermajors’ of the oil industry, and by 2020 it will be the 19th largest company in the world. The company has offices in the UK, France, Germany, and the US.

Shell U.K. Limited is an energy company in the UK that explores and produces energy products. The company produces fuels, natural gas, and lubricants. It also provides LPG to its customers in the UK and worldwide. It also has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Canada. Its subsidiaries are located in various countries worldwide.

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Shell Contact Details

Shell U.K.Oil Products Limited (as agent for Shell U.K. Limited),
Shell Centre, York Road,
London SE1 7NA

Phone Number: 0800 731 8888 or 0443 099 1103


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Final Words

Spin to win shell is an exciting promotion program that offers an appalling rewards scheme. Each time you spend £20 at Shell, you have the chance to win thousands of prizes instantly at or




Shell UK Spin To Win FAQ

What is the duration of the Shell Spin to Win Promotion?

This promotion program is live from January 6, 2022, and ends on March 2, 2022. Between these dates, you should make a purchase. Until March 16, 2022, at 23:59:59, promotion codes can be entered.

Where do I find my Shell promotion code?

If you paid for the fuel at a Shell Service Station, your promotion code would be printed on the promotion card. If you assume that you are part of a Shell Go+ and have paid at the pump, you will receive an email to the Shell Go+ listed email address containing your promotion code.

How many times can I enter the Spin to Win Shell?

You can enter one time each day and a maximum of three times each week (Seven days run from Thursday to Wednesday).



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