Tellmands; Marks and Spencer, the British multinational retailer is well known for taking care of their customers. Marks and Spencer Feedback Survey is one of the common ways to get M&S Customer reviews and feedback. M&S store chain has introduced an online customer satisfaction survey as Tellmands through which a visitor from the store can share M&S Feedback at

Now, have you been at the Marks and Spencer store recently?

Are you a regular Customer of Marks and Spencer?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? Take M&S Survey here, M&S Feedback, complete an online survey and get yourself a chance to win £50 or €50 in Cash. After completing the survey, the participant will get a free entry in the Marks and Spencer Cash Prize Draw.

All the visitors and customers from the M&S stores can share the feedback and enter the prize draw. Well, it is necessary to satisfy the terms, fulfil the listed requirements and follow the instructions as below to share feedback and join the free cash prize draw successfully.

Purpose of the M & S Survey

Well, Honestly, the primary purpose of this survey is to attain honest feedback from the customers. It is challenging for companies to attract their customers and make them share their genuine and honest feelings about their recent shopping experiences. So that in itself is the prime reason or answer to the question – why companies offer a survey that wins exciting prizes,  in exchange for some honest and genuine feedback is the answer!

M and S feedback survey

So this time around, for some honest feedback, the Marks and Spencer is giving away £50 Cash prizes to their customers who are ready and available to share their feedback about how their experience of shopping.

If you are ready to win your chance to win the £50 Cash Prize, you don’t have to wait anymore, just write about your shopping experience with the Marks and Spencer at Survey Reward – £50

There is a chance to win one of the 10 lucky winners,  £50 (or €50) cash prizes that the Marks and Spencer are offering for some honest and genuine customer feedback. The reward you can receive upon successful participation in the Customer Feedback Survey is being conducted by the Marks and Spencer.


Tellmands Survey Rules and Requirements 

In order to take part in the Customer Feedback Survey conducted by the Marks and Spencer You Must fulfil the below-given conditions:

  • A customer/visitor from the M&S store is expected to have a valid visit receipt.
  • A device (mobile, computer) with the internet connection, email ID or telephone number, and an understanding of English/Spanish/French language are required to participate in the survey.
  • Only the customers of Marks and Spencer store chains who are permanent residents, the UK and ROI can share the feedback and enter the prize draw event.
  • A participant must be at least 16 years old to share Marks and Spencer Customer Feedback while one must be 18 years old to enter the prize draw.
  • Any kind of purchase or payment is not necessary in order to share feedback on the survey portal or enter the gift card prize draw event.
  • Online completion of Marks and Spencer Feedback Survey at is necessary to enter the prize draw event online.
  • Any of the employees, representatives, officers, directors or staff members of Marks and Spencer retail store chain and/or their immediate family members cannot enter the prize draw event.
  • All the survey participants can only enter the survey once, and the prize draw event only once. Also, Only two survey entries are allowed per household per week.
  • One random winner will be announced each calendar month and awarded the £50 (or €50) in the form of a cheque.
  • For more rules, click here.


Quicksteps to Win £50 Marks and Spencer Survey

  1. Visit M&S Survey Portal online at
  2. Enter the date, time, M&S Survey Code and enter the survey feedback page.
  3. Then rate/answer Marks and Spencer Feedback issues and answer the store experience questions.
  4. Enter your Personal Identification details on the next page.
  5. Click the NEXT button, and you will get an automatic entry in the prize draw.

The survey participant will have to wait for the survey free gift card draw winners announcement on completing an online survey. The lucky winners will be notified by any means of contact and will be awarded £50 Cash.


How to Participate in the M & S Survey at – Detailed Guide

Given below are the steps that you will have to follow to complete your successful participation in the Customer Feedback Survey conducted by the Marks and Spencer:


1. Firstly, you have to go to the website where the customer feedback survey.

2. If you have a valid receipt, you will have to locate and provide information related to the Unique Code, date, and the time of your visit to the Marks and Spencer outlet/store. survey step 1

3. If you don’t have a visit receipt, Click on “No Receipt? Click here” and enter the date, time, and location of your visit. survey step 2

4. Once you have given the required details, click on Next.

5. Now, you will be able to read the rules, regulations, terms, conditions, and privacy policy from the bottom of this page. survey step 3

6. Enter your gender, age and other specified information for classification purpose. survey step 4

7. Now, you will have to answer the questions about your experiences of shopping at the Marks and Spencer Outlet(s). Most questions will have multiple choices from which you can choose your answer.

8. Some other questions will permit you to choose more than one multiple choice as your answer.

9. You may also have to answer questions that provide a box where you type in your detailed answer. survey step 5

10. Then, click Yes to enter into the sweepstakes when you are finished answering the questionnaire. survey step 6

11. Enter the Personal information requested to be provided such as Name and E-mail or Phone number. survey step 7

12. Click the NEXT button, and you will receive a notification that “Thank you for your feedback”. survey step 8


M & S Survey, Helpful Tips

  • The participants who have entered the Marks and Spencer Feedback Survey £50 Cash Prize Draw successfully are suggested to check the winners’ announcements carefully.
  • A survey user is also advised to correctly share the personal identification details, which will help the retail store chain find you and notify you easily if you are the lucky prize draw winner.
  • All the readers also suggested taking care of receipts whenever they visit any restaurants, retailers, stores, shops or pharmacies. Get the receipt straight to us, share your feedback, take an online survey and win free food, free Cash, free gift card and other survey rewards with us here at
  • The participants who are unable to share Marks and Spencer Feedback at the M&S Feedback Survey Portal can share them by commenting below. Share M&S Survey issues below and get online help from us to complete Tell M and S Survey successfully and win £50 CASH now.


About Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is a huge retailer Group or Company with their stores and outlets in more than 50 other countries; this includes India, Egypt, and China. The Marks and Spencer are also well known worldwide for the quality clothing and textile items, housewares, and luxury food products that they have been offering to their customers for years.

But When compared to the Marks and Spencer that we see today, they had very humble beginnings in the Leeds city in the United Kingdom in the year of 1884. In 1998, it was the first British retailer group to make over a billion dollars in pre-tax profits. Thus Marks and Spencer has tremendously grown to become one of the world’s most iconic and successful.

Today, the Marks and Spencer has almost more than 80,000 employs on more than 800 stores and outlets just in the United Kingdom, including its very own flagship store on London’s Oxford Street.


Mark and Spencer Contact Details


Marks and Spencer Group
plc Waterside House
35 North Wharf Road
London W2 1NW

Tel: 0333 014 8555


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Final Words

The customer feedback survey that they are conducting now is a great extent beneficial to the Marks and Spencer customers. True that the Marks and Spencer do get an opportunity to make themselves better, but to be honest, who enjoys the fruit of that change? … The customers only are the ones who will enjoy the fruit of such efforts, as it is their feedback and suggestions that are being taken in and considered, it is their grievances that are being redressed.

So, do you not think that if you are a customer of the Marks and Spencer, this is a complete win-win move for you?

You either win a £50 cash prize, or you get to shop from a better place the next time…

Aren’t both these options actually good for you?

So, if you are a Marks and Spencer Customer, why are you still here?

Go to right now and win your chance to get the £50 cash prize!

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