HMV Hear My Voice Feedback Survey UK & Win a £100 Voucher

HMV Hear My Voice UK Survey: We all have known this HMV Retailer for a long time, isn’t it? We have come across their records, not only us but also our parents and grandparents. HMV would like to know your honest opinion on their service. For that purpose, they are conducting an online customer experience survey at

We have provided all the information you need to complete the HMV Hear My Voice Online Survey. Carefully read the whole article and reach out to the HMV survey. In this article, you can read about the rules and regulations, the survey’s reward, and the step-by-step procedure for completing the survey. So let us jump into the article.

Purpose of the HMV Hear My Voice UK Survey

A customer experience survey helps the firm to understand its clients and their reviews. It will allow them to evaluate their services and overall performance. It will help them analyze what parts of their strategies are successful and what parts of them aren’t getting much love. Thus, they can improve themselves wholly as a firm, thereby increasing their reputation on the map.

Besides, surveys are an excellent tool for marketing and business analysis. The company wants to hear the most honest answers from their clients to take a step forward for betterment. So please note that they are looking for honest reviews and not fake sugary ones. Survey Reward

A gift voucher of £100 will be awarded to the winner every month. After the completion of the survey, you will be directly added to the HMV prize draw. If you are the lucky winner, you can collect the gift card from your nearest HMV store or any store you wish.

Note that the prize of the survey can be changed at any time during the terms, and please read the complete terms and conditions below for any information on the prize draw end date.


HMV Customer Survey Rules and Requirements

  • A device like a mobile phone, computer, laptop, or tablet with a fair internet connection is necessary to participate in the HMV Customer Feedback Survey.
  • The participants must be 18 years of age or more to be eligible.
  • Only residents from the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands can participate in the Hmv-Hearmyvoice Survey.
  • Like every other prize draw, employees, agents, or representatives of the company or their immediate relatives are not allowed to participate in the HMV survey.
  • The prize cannot be transferred or refunded.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for in-hand cash. It must be accepted as given.
  • Only one entry is accepted by the HMV store per month. Multiple entries will be filtered out at the end.
  • Entries through only the official online survey site are accepted. Third-party site entries will be rejected before the selection of the winner.
  • The winner will get the winning notification through e-mail within a few days from the draw.
  • Also, the winner needs to claim the prize within two days. Otherwise, an alternate winner will be selected, and you will lose the chance to get the free gift card.
  • Everyone must need to complete the survey successfully to make an entry to the HMV Hear My Voice Survey.
  • Click here to read the complete terms & conditions.


Quicksteps to Win HMV £100 Gift Card

  1. Begin the HMV Customer Survey by entering the official site at
  2. Go through the terms and conditions and move on to the next. Then select Yes if you have a purchase receipt. Otherwise, select No.
  3. Enter the receipt details or the survey invite number. Also, provide the week and time of your visit.
  4. Rate your experience on the following pages. You can also write about your inconvenience if you have faced any during your visit.
  5. After answering all the questions, enter your name, e-mail address, and phone number and click next.
  6. Finally, they will thank you for participating. All done; you have now entered the HMV Hearmyvoice Sweepstakes.


How to Enter the HMV Feedback Survey at UK – Detailed Guide

1. Visit the official site for the feedback survey at

2. Carefully read the terms and conditions before entering the survey. Note that by entering the survey, you will agree to the terms and conditions of the company.

3. Now, you will be asked if you have made a purchase on the visit. You need either a purchase receipt or a survey invitation to participate in the survey.

4. Select Yes if you have a purchase receipt and enter the following details correctly: the transaction number, store number, till number, operator number, date, time, and amount spent.

hmv hear my voice

5. Otherwise, select No if you have an invitation and enter your survey number. On the next page, you will need to provide the week and time of your visit. survey

6. Rate your overall experience according to your findings. Along with that, you may be asked a few questions as well. Answer the questions carefully and move on to the next part.

hmv-hear my voice code

7. Also, you will be given an opportunity to specify your dissatisfaction, so elaborately write about it.

8. In the next section, you will be asked to provide your gender and age. After that, continue to the next section of the survey.

9. They will ask you whether you want to enter the HMV Hear My Voice Sweepstakes or not. Click on “YES” and continue to the next page.

hmv hear my voice

10. Here, you can enter your personal details, such as name, phone number, and e-mail address.


11. Further, they will thank you for your time. By that time, you will be entered into the prize draw to win a £100 HMV gift voucher.

hmv hear my voice enter code


HMV-Hear My Voice Survey – Helpful Tips

  • The HMV feedback survey participants must check the winner’s details by writing a written request to HMV customer services.
  • All readers must keep all the purchase receipts safely from any shops or restaurants. There might be a chance to get free rewards by sharing your feedback.
  • Let us know the receipts you have and get exciting prizes by following our simple survey guidance here at
  • You can reach us here if you have any doubts or issues related to the HMV Hear My Voice Survey.
  • Always try to provide honest feedback, even if you had a bad experience, because positive reviews won’t increase the chance of winning the prize draw.

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About HMV

If you love music, film, games, and technology products, you will be aware of HMV.

100 years ago, the first HMV shop was opened by famous British composer and conductor Sir Edward Elgar on London’s Oxford Street in July 1921. Now HMV is one of the most requested companies in the industry, with more than 120 stores across Britain offering a wide range of new versions and catalog titles.

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HMV Customer Support

Mail at:

Help on Twitter: @hmvUKHelp

Help on Facebook:

Write to them:
Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited,
Mermaid House, Puddle Dock,
Black friars, London,
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Final Words

Like all other companies, they know that we are all busy in our lives, and we will not be willing to spend even a second of our time on unproductive work. Therefore, they are offering prize money as an encouragement for all their clients to participate. So, next time when you approach HMV, look around, go through their collection, look at their service and rate them according to your views.

Now, we have provided all the information you will require while completing the survey at Go through the words carefully and complete the survey at your own pace.

We wish you a piece of good luck…





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  1. I went to Harrogate store and 466 Dan was one of the best of the best customer service what I have ever seen because he help me get the albums that I wanted and he showed more songs by bands that I’ll get later in the future.

  2. I am so glad that HMV is back in my town. Jack was amazing. Polite, helpful and patient. Great shopping experience. Felt like a child, in a sweet shop.
    I didn’t know where to look. I could spend hours in the shop browsing. And vinyl is back! Music as it should be heard. Hooray! For non digital music.

  3. Jess was really helpful and pointed out that I could get another book as part of a deal.
    She was friendly and polite throughout.

  4. Steve at your bury store was so helpful and took time to find the correct album all tho I didn’t know the artist I was amazed how much knolage he had great staff and customer service brilliant


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