Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey and Win £500 or €600 (UK & Ireland)

Want to win a £500 Argos Gift Card by sharing Argos Store Feedback at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (UK) or www.Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland)?

If Yes, Argos, the UK-based retail company, is very well known for the customer satisfaction offered to its customers at the stores. The customers can share Argos Customer Feedback online and get a chance to win Argos £500 Gift Card prize draw.

You can tell your suggestions on Argos Customer Survey about the product quality, customer service, smoothness, the attitude of the employees, the atmosphere and more. The Argos voucher survey can be done in four ways, and all strategies have the same winning chances. Purchasing and survey participation is not compulsory for entry and winning. Based on your recent shopping experience, you can leave thorough reviews and complaints. Your thoughts and feedback help the business develop its future goods and services.

Well, it is necessary to satisfy the terms, fulfil the listed requirements, and follow the instructions below to share customer feedback and enter the gift card prize draw successfully.


Purpose of the Argos Store Feedback Survey (UK & Ireland)

Argos is the UK’s leading digital retail, a Home Retail Company subsidiary. It deals with computer laptops, white goods, netbooks, etc., through shops, mobile channels, phones.

The retail store Argo wants to know how your new visits to the Argos Store have been? Have you liked the assistant there? Are you pleased with the service there? On the www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback website, they developed a feature program called Tell Argos customer feedback survey.

The survey by Tell Argo measures the satisfaction of the customer at the last visit. Argo’s Store Survey allows new Argo retailers Clients to talk to the company about their problems and suggestions to grow. The key reason behind the Argo Customer Survey is to collect correct information from loyal guests so that loopholes can be found. The company analyzes the data and changes where improvements are needed following the survey. Therefore, if you have recently visited an Argo retail shop, complete the online survey of Argo and help your company improve.


Argos Feedback Survey Reward (UK & Ireland)

A £500 Gift Card (€600 for Ireland Residents) will be awarded to each winner. The Prize Draw has started on 23 April 2020, and the closing date for submission of entries shall be 5 February 2022. If you are selected as the winner, you will get a notification through e-mail or telephone at the contact information provided during the entry time. If you are ineligible for any reason, then you will be disqualified, and an alternate winner may be selected.


Argos.co.uk/storefeedback Survey Rules and Requirements

  • A customer from the Argos store is expected to have a valid visit receipt, a device (mobile, computer) with an internet connection, e-mail ID, telephone number, an understanding of the English language are required to participate in the survey.
  • The survey participant has to take an online survey within 7 days after visiting the store.
  • No purchase or payment is required to share feedback on the survey portal or enter the gift card prize draw event.
  • Only Argos store customers who are legal residents of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland aged over 18 years can enter the prize draw.
  • The participant has to complete the argos.co.uk/storefeedback survey in order to participate in the gift card draw online.
  • Employees, representatives, officers, directors, or staff members of Argos retail store chain and/or their immediate family members cannot enter the prize draw event.
  • Once random winners are announced each calendar month, each prize draw winner is offered a £500 Argos Gift Card.
  • The prize draw winners cannot exchange the gift card, or no other cash alternatives are offered.
  • The validation code received after the feedback survey is only valid for 30 days and must be assured that the offer is redeemed within this timeframe.
  • Click here for additional Rules.


Quicksteps to win £500 or €600 Argos Gift Card Prize Draw

  1. Go to the Tell Argos Survey portal at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or www.Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland).
  2. Enter the Argos Survey Code (Till number, Transaction number, and Store number) and enter the feedback page.
  3. Share Argos Store Feedback on the survey page.
  4. Enter the required Personal Identification Details.
  5. Submit the feedback survey and wait for the retail store chain to announce winners.


How to Complete the Argos Feedback Survey at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (UK) | Argos.ie/storefeedback (ROI) – Detailed Guide

Entry Methods of Argos Feedback Survey

  1. Invite Receipt
  2. Invitation to e-mail
  3. Survey Flyer in-store
  4. Method of Free Entry (without survey)

1. Invite Receipt

After completing the retail purchases in-store, the invitations are issued for selected customers to participate in the Argos Gift Card Survey. If you recently purchased at Argos, save your purchase receipt for the survey with the survey code.

To do Argos £500 Survey:

1. Visit www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland) and enter the till number, date of purchase, store number, transaction number, age, and captcha code.


2. Then give loyal answers to all your shopping questions in the shop Argos.

3. Lastly, include all the requisite information such as the name, e-mail address, and date of birth for one entry.


2. Invitation to e-mail

You can receive an e-mail invitation to participate in a survey if you have already subscribed to Argo’s e-mail updates. Only click on the survey link sent through e-mail for an entry to the Contest Draw and answer all questions.


3. Survey Flyer in-store

To access the Argos Guest Satisfaction online survey, visit the participating Argos store and find a flyer with a website address. The leaflet is available from a partner during distribution. Visit the Argos feedback site and follow the survey instructions and join the sweepstakes in the Argos survey.


4. Method of Free Entry (without survey)

You can go to survey.foreseeresults.com/argos?flow=ss if you don’t want to complete the survey? And enter the personal information to win the Argos Prize draw, such as name, e-mail, phone number, age, and address (as mentioned in the above image).

www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants who have entered Argos Gift Card Prize Draw are advised to check the winners’ announcements carefully. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner?
  • A survey participant is also advised to correctly share the personal identification details, which will help the restaurant chain find you and notify you easily if you are the prize draw winner.
  • All the readers also suggested taking care of receipts whenever they visit restaurants, retailers, stores, shops, or pharmacies. Get the receipt straight to us, share your feedback, take an online survey and win free food, free cash, free gift card, and other survey rewards with us here at surveydetails.co.uk.
  • Tell Argos Feedback Survey participants who cannot take Argos Survey at www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback or cannot enter the £500 Argos Gift Card Survey can share their issues below. Share Tell Argos issues below to get online help from us here at surveydetails.co.uk.

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All About Argos Store

Argos Limited, Argos Ltd is a UK and Ireland retailer, purchased by the Supermarket Chain of Sainsbury in 2016. It was created in November 1972 and was named after Argos, a Greek town. With over 883 retail shops and 29 million annual shop clients, and almost one billion annual visitors online, the business trades through physical shops and online, one of the UK’s largest high-way retailers. In other countries like China, it even franchised overseas.

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Argos Contact Details 

Phone Number: 0345 640 2020
Accessible from 8.00 to 20.00, 24 Hrs.

Contact Page: www.argos.co.uk/help/contact-us/

Mail Address:
Argos Direct
Royal Avenue

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Final Words

In short, this is a good chance for everyone to collect or save money. You only need to spend some time with the survey. We can also get better service or goods next time, not just free-of-charge. It’s a perfect idea to get input from your direct customer on the market.

We hope that your concern about this survey has been clear from this post. All the details from every nook and corner we have tried to provide. What do you anticipate? Take those boots out in exchange for some honest feedback, get some money at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or www.Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland).







28 thoughts on “Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey and Win £500 or €600 (UK & Ireland)”

  1. Purchased a LG dvd player, found the item was faulty, returned it to the store in less than 18 hours to be told by a very arrogant manager he would not exchange it, and i would have to wait until lockdown was over or drive 20 miles to exchange the faulty item, Store should not be open if normal services are not available. From now on me my family . friends, work colleagues, will avoid Argos and shop elsewhere

  2. hello
    I shopped online and received an email with the order number instead of the receipt that is 6424628848.
    Now I want to participate in your £500 prize and leave feedback but I couldn’t find the till number, transaction number and store number from the order number I can see in my email. Could you please help me to find them?
    Thank you very much

  3. Its an absolute pleasure to shop at Argos, the service is actually quicker and store agents are very helpful.

  4. Have ordered quiet a bit throughout lockdown. today we had Gary delivering our items he was a lovely man an was very polite..

  5. I called at the Boston store and bought a pack of 12 pint beer glasses and was impressed with both the staff and the speed at which i was served as i was in and out in 5 minutes, so well done.

  6. Very easy to order on line, hassle free, straight to the counter, 2 minutes later my item was there, very fast service

  7. I entered the Carlow store and was really impressed with how things were run in there in these hard times I was greeted by a lovely member of staff and I was escorted to a sanitizing unit and and then they talked me through the process of ordering and paying they were really helpful, and I must say I felt really safe the safest I have ever felt in a shop since the hole pandemic began 10 out of 10 Argos, excellent service and helpful friendly staff and an impeccable safety structure in place.

  8. Coatbridge Argos
    Excellent service from both shop floor assistant and Frances assistant on the counter taking the order

  9. Because Argos is close to my home and within the supermarket building I shop at regularly it is very convenient
    The staff are courteous well mannered and very helpful.The assistant who served me Arkham
    was very polite and good at handling my return product

  10. Brilliant service ordered on line and received my order on same day . Craig delivered my order he was very friendly . Jodi

  11. I normally never leave this long feed back this is my first time but here it goes …I Went to Bradford foster square store ID 0545 on 20/07/2021 I had an issue with watch I got last September for my birthday.anyway went customer service an Argos staff name Dylan came to the desk I explained to him the situation an with smile he replied “certainly sir I can help you with that “ after explaining he did everything that was necessary an rather getting refund I got voucher same value as the watch. His customer service was like Knife through butter no hassle no questions easy as ABC an now that’s what’s I call A1 for his customer service and A* for his help plus for his training ..an even went extra mile to look for ps5 if it was available in any of the stores an said “if you need any help again with anything I will be more then happy to help you in anyway I can “ now that made me feel a very valued customer now that’s brilliant customer service ..he’s an asset to Argos an his service is awsome an ending it with smile is icing on cake .. defo recommend it and coming again Argos

  12. Collected my purchase at westend argos store…very helpful staff member Denise helped me thru transaction..very quick and efficient service

  13. Served by Yatty today at the ilford store Yatty was very helpful lovely and kind she was quick to find my product which I ordered she was very friendly and amazing at her job, it was a pleasure to be served by Yatty.

  14. Served today in your hazel grove store by your manager dimple, she was so very helpful in canceling an order for me and placing an order.
    Nothing was too much trouble. I most definitely will be using your store again. She was so professional, brilliant PR for your company & very pretty too.
    It made ordering a pleasurable experience. Thank you Dimple

  15. I experience a great customer service from Mushra (stratford argos) which was very helpful ,she even make me understand I could protect my goods for long period time by assure them in low price. The service fast and great thanks so much, 👍 I give 10/10

  16. Approachable – communicate staff. Efficient service. I mainly go to Argos at quieter times to avoid the crowds with the store bei g so popular.

  17. My go to store in Guisbrough never fails to give first class service . Helped by Linda today to order a child seat . Nothing was too much trouble. Great people,great service


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