Lettuce Know Sainsbury’s Customer Feedback Survey

Lettuce Know Sainsbury’s Survey: Sainsbury’s shoppers, here’s your chance to win big! By sharing your thoughts on Sainsbury’s products, service, and store experience, you could win 100,000 Nectar Points – that’s £500 in value. Simply complete the survey at Lettuce-Know.com.

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip away! Rest assured, this article provides all the necessary information and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Everything you need to seize your chance at winning £500 can be found right here. Keep reading to make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

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Purpose of the Lettuce Know Survey

For an average supermarket to survive for over 150 years itself is a difficult task, so how would the journey to the second-largest supermarket chain have been?

Difficult? More Than difficult? Anyways, Challenging?

Yes, it could have been all those, but how did Sainsbury’s overcome all those problems and reach where it has reached now?

The answer is simple and short. They always kept their Customers Happy.

One thing that is uniquely awesome about Sainsbury’s is that they have realized that Customer feedback can help create a better customer experience in the future & improve their products and services, which will add to their sales. Sainsbury also knows that honest answers from customers to survey questions are significantly important for improving the customers’ experience.

Sainsbury’s has always considered timely feedback from customers as the most important aspect of their business. It was always very important for Sainsbury’s to have your recent customer experience fresh so that they can improve their services & products to match what you have in your mind.


Sainsbury’s Lettuce Know Online Survey Reward

By participating in Sainsbury’s Lettuce-Know Survey, you get a chance to Win 100,000 Nectar Points worth £500. From the customers who have completed the survey, 10 winners will be selected each calendar month randomly.

The winner needs to have a Nectar account to receive the rewards. If you already have, you will get it automatically; otherwise, you have to claim the rewards within 14 days after the notification.

Note: Although it is to be noted that the reward for completing this survey can change at any time.


Lettuce-Know.com Survey Rules and Requirements

To take part in this survey, you have a few requirements that you should be able to fulfill. They are given below.

  • You must be either 18 years of age or above at the time of taking the Sainsbury’s survey in order to be eligible to participate in this survey.
  • You must have with you a valid purchase receipt/purchase bill from Sainsbury’s in order to participate in Sainsbury’s customer satisfaction survey.
  • A mobile, laptop, PC, or tablet with a proper internet connection is required to take part in the Lettuce Know Survey.
  • You must have adequate knowledge of the English language to understand the survey questions and to provide meaningful answers.
  • All participants must take the survey within the given or notified sweepstakes time frame.
  • You can only participate once in the Sainsbury customer feedback survey each month.
  • For more detailed rules, click here.


Quicksteps to Win Sainsbury’s Nectar Points Worth £500

In order to successfully take part in Sainsbury’s Lettuce Know survey, it is suggested that you follow the below-given quick steps.

  1. Use your mobile, PC, laptop, or tablet to open the web browser and go to the survey website available at www.Lettuce-know.com or Feedback.sainsburys.co.uk.
  2. Enter details pertaining to the transaction number, the bill amount you paid or the amount spent, the code of the store you visited, the date and time of your visit, etc.
  3. Now, you can officially start taking the survey by clicking on the “START” button. And answer all the questions as honestly and as genuinely as possible.
  4. After you have answered the questions in the best honest way possible, provide your contact details such as Name, Phone Number, and E-mail ID.
  5. Now you have successfully taken part in the Sainsbury Lettuce-Know Survey.


How to Do the Sainsbury’s Feedback Survey at Lettuce-know.com – Detailed Guide

1. First, click on the link Lettuce-know.com or feedback.sainsburys.co.uk.

lettuce know

2. Now, you will reach the official survey page of  Lettuce Know, which belongs to Sainsbury.

3. Here, the Sainsbury’s Group will welcome you and tell you how and why your participation is valuable to them.


4. After that, you will have to enter the following particulars, which can be referred to from your purchase receipt/ bill.

  • Amount spent
  • Transaction Number
  • Time of Visit
  • Date of Visit
  • Store number

5. After entering all the information, click on the orange button below that reads “Next.” Now, you have officially started the survey.

6. Once you have started the survey, you need to describe the nature of your shopping experience.

7. On the next window, select the departments you have visited in Sainsbury’s supermarket.

8. Now, honestly rate/answer all the questions asked in the Lettuce Know Survey.

lettuce-know sainsburys online survey

10. If you have any additional queries or comments, let them know in the box given below.

lettuce-know.com nectar feedback

9. After reviewing all the questions, provide your age and gender for classification purposes.

lettuce know

10. After you have done all that, you should indicate ‘Yes’ to participate in the Sainsbury Lettuce Know Prize Draw.

lettuce know sainsburys

11. Then provide your personal contact information so that you can be contacted by the Sainsbury group in case you win.

lettuce-know.com sainsburys

12. Finally, click on ‘Next,’ and now, you have successfully completed Sainsbury’s Feedback Survey and entered the Lettuce Know Prize Draw.



lettuce-know.com sainsburys Survey – Helpful Tips

  • We suggest you check the winner’s details for Sainsbury’s Prize Draw. You can check it out here.
  • You must be careful to provide correct contact details while completing the Lettuce Know Survey. If you are the lucky winner, the company will contact you through the e-mail you have provided.
  • Everyone can submit the issues they have faced while doing the Lettuce Know Sainsbury’s Survey and get immediate assistance from us here at surveydetails.co.uk.
  • Positive feedback won’t increase your chance of winning. So always try to provide honest feedback, which helps them provide a better customer experience next time.

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About Sainsbury’s

The first shop opened by Sir James John Sainsbury in Dury Lane in London to being the second-largest Grocery seller in the UK, the Sainsburys has certainly come a long way. It was in the year 1869, yes, 152 years back, that the Sainsbury Group was founded. At present, Sainsbury’s possesses an undisputed 16.00% of the Supermarket Sector in the United Kingdom.

As of now, Sainsbury’s holds the title of being the second-largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Sainsbury’s has three divisions: their Supermarkets, which go by the name Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd., their banking wing, which goes by the name of Sainsbury’s Bank; and their Catalogue retail Stores, which goes by the name Sainsbury’s Argos.

Through the 150+ years of Sainsbury’s Journey, along with the sales and profits they achieved and earned, another undisputed gain of the Sainsbury’s was their loyalty from customers; even today, the trust that the customers have in the Sainsbury’s is surprisingly strong and deep.

Other than all that, Sainsbury’s now has over 1420 stores (as of data provided in March 2019), and they are constantly striving to increase the satisfaction of each and every customer of theirs.

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Sainsbury’s Contact Details

If you want to contact Sainsbury’s, you can do so by calling one of the below-given numbers:

0800 328 1700

0800 63 62 62

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd,
33 Holborn,


Final Words

I hope I have given ample information through this article which shall give you the required info about how, why, and when to participate in Sainsbury’s customer feedback and satisfaction survey. The survey will take away only a few minutes of your time, and there are sure-shot chances that you will be rewarded with 500 pounds, to the least. And you can redeem the reward points next time you go to a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

So, there’s nothing much to lose, whereas there is pretty much to gain.

Why waste your precious time here now? I’ve told you pretty much everything that is important.

Go to www.Lettuce-know.com or Feedback.sainsburys.co.uk right now and take the survey.







33 thoughts on “Lettuce Know Sainsbury’s Customer Feedback Survey”

  1. Why is the survey limited to customers visiting a store? I have not been able to visit a store for well over a year now and have my groceries delivered. I would like to be able to fill in a survey/questionnaire about the home delivery service.

  2. I would just like to leave a complimentary comment on 2 of the Argos staff in Bourne Sainsburys.
    They gave excellent service to me on 2 different occasions. They were Louis and Dan.
    Dates I visited to pick up order was Thursday 20/05/2021 and to return an order on Friday 21/05/2021.

  3. Could not find anywhere to compliment the Sainsburys delivery drivers who over the past year have been unfailing polite, friendly and on time. Several times I have deliveries by a driver called Ian Smith who is always cheery and for those of us who hardly saw anyone during the worst of the lock downs a friendly delivery driver would be the highlight of our day. He is probably based at Sutton although I know on at least one occasion my delivery came from Epsom.

  4. During lock down the home delivery service has been of immeasurable help to my husband and myself.Being in our eighties,vulnerable,and living out of town unable to drive you can imagine just how important this service has been.The delivery persons have been so friendly and helpful a true lifeline.Thank you all so very much.

  5. When recently shopping at Sainsbury,s Darwen, we needed help to find something. An Assistant called Bethany, happily came to our aid with a smile, and we were soon on our way. Well done Sainsbury,s for your polite and helpful staff.

  6. Really disappointed with my online order & not able to leave feedback – the item was in stock but not delivered, as they said it was out of stock on the delivery date. Why accept the offer of it isn’t in stock? Not able to complete your survey without the receipt number.

  7. Ataur is a brilliant guy, he is always very friendly and helpful. Im a regular customer in Sainsbury’s Victoria Place and he is very attentive everytime i see him. Keep it up Ataur!

  8. I can not find anywhere to leave feedback on a delivery as I dont seem to have a transaction number on my online receipt. My driver was Joe Leigh, so helpful and polite and great sense of humour. Brightened my day, thank you Joe.

  9. I would like to mention Val on the tobacco kiosk at Newbury Park sainsbury. She is a very helpful and pleasant
    member of staff.Particularly so when I needed some points added to my Nectar balance.I always enjoy our brief chats
    When I am in store which is every week.Long may she
    continue to work at Sainsburys! Lovely lady.

  10. After shopping at Tunbridge Wells Store 0020, we fancied a cup of tea in the cafe. Only to find it now closes early at 2pm. What is the reason for closing so early? I feel the cafe is quiet because there is no hot food service, that would bring in customers.

  11. In your Murrayfield store, at 21.30 on 26th, Edward was doing the work of 2 in an understaffed store, with pleasantness and grace, and a fine sense of humour. Well done, beyond what could have been expected

  12. i am very satisfied with the service i got today especially i got them help from customer service manager david and his colleague toni as i wasn’t happy with some items that were essential.
    i wouldn’t know what i would’ve done withought them

  13. Cashier was very pleasant with and sorted me out as I was unsure how to use one of the cards I had 👍🏻

  14. I can’t get past the manage your cookies page – so frustrating, when I have set aside time to do the survey

  15. I have the shopping app downloaded but everytime I visit my local at Clifton Down Bristol I have to login which is a pain! It would be easier and quicker if the shop had scanners. I asked The Manager why this happens and he agreed it us a pain

  16. Many thanks to your friendly, supportive and helpful delivery driver Terry for the delivery today. He and all the other friendly and helpful delivery drivers and supporting team deserve a big pat on the Back. Stay safe and stay well.

  17. So nice to have an opportunity to visit Saiinsbury as I do not drive and live a bit of a distance from the store .I always surprise my family with the special deserts in the chiller .so much choice i love it

  18. Ann at Sainsburys Leigh was very pleasant and polite and scanned my goods quickly. She apologized for the wait at the checkout and asked if I wanted to use my points to get money off my bill.

  19. I’m a man who lives in Chadwell heath, Essex and regularly shop in Sainsbury’s there.
    Over the years I have developed various friendly relationships with many staff members who recognise me and who always take the time to be friendly, helpful. I don’t know everyone’s surnames, but particularly, the following names are top people who make my shopping world go around: Rachel who is a supervisor, Sharon who works closely with her, Linda in the cold aisles, Tracy on the check out, John who works with the papers (non uniform), and I am particularly fond of Chris, a Greek man who works on the checkouts and sometimes self serve. Always has a smile and pleasant word to say to everyone. Similar from Rachel, Sharon, Tracy and all

  20. I would like to know why your Tenby store which has a huge swell in population every summer is always short of Multi – seeded bread, we have waited a week for it!! and still no bread we cant get frozen B-road beans, and you have stopped selling the award winning Tan y castellated Welsh cakes why? Thank goodness Tesco still sell them!! I will say the staff are great but the stock is not.

  21. The store on Hampstead road is very well presented also high standards and Sakib and David are both really and doing and excellent job.

  22. Today while my visit to SAINSBURY’S i meet a very friendly person called MEHREEN i notices how patient she was with the customers before me , Altough i was having a hard day but when my turn came she made me feel so comfortable and so happy with the small chat that we had . She was really so helpfull with all the information about the supermarket and she assisted with getting my nectar card so i will get more deals and offers ….
    Defenetly now SAINSBURYS is my favourite supermarket
    Thank you Mehreen ❤️

  23. shopping at Sainsbury Maypole today the lovely assistant on self scan at11.05 deserves recognition seeing to all the customers need as i did a smart shop and she came straight away with handset did the check as i continued she had to come back and do a think 25 so i could go through the till with ease i think the ladies name was Marjoree i could be wrong. Also the lady was on her own too.

  24. Visit Sainsburys store in Fallowfied few times a week and very rarely is there any baskets you andother peoole have to walk to the end of store where your told short of staff the one good thing is how well the lady and gentleman on the bakery counter treat you with a smile and service

  25. I shopped at Sainsbury Stanmore last night. I had a short list but I needed help scanning the products. The self-scan assistant Ramin (at 20:40) came right away and helped me. Thank you Ramin, for your help.


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